My name is Rachel Givler. I am a local photographer based outside of Philadelphia. I studied photography at The Art Institute of Philadelphia where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in the field of photography.  

To me art is something that doesn’t have a simple definition. The main purpose I want to achieve is telling a story with the things that I create, whether it is a simple photograph, a story or a painting. I want my creations to leave a lasting impression in those who view them. I want my stories and photographs to inspire others to make a change or pursue their dreams. We are the stories we tell, I hope you enjoy mine. Nature, children, and people are my constant source of inspiration; they all interact with one another.

I believe that photographing a wedding is a privilege and an honor which I cherish each time I am invited to participate. My mission is to be the most trusted name in wedding photography by creating artful images that freeze time and provide memories that last far beyond the fleeting moment and I photograph each wedding as if it was my own. I aim to capture emotion in each photo so that people are carried back to the exact feeling and moment the image was taken. Every day that I pick up my camera, I commit to continually grow as an artist, and vowing to never be complacent. I understand that all weddings are unique and a once in a lifetime celebration and I treat them as such.

I believe that one of the most important things in human experience is to be seen… openly and without judgement. I feel accomplished when I stay “out of the way of things” during a session and just let it happen. I have always seen things differently than most. My guess is that once things came into view I never stopped looking…negative space fascinated me. A successful portrait is a true collaboration between artist and subject that requires trust and authenticity. I feel deeply honored when the veil comes down and a person truly shows me who they are. I welcome the opportunity to “capture the spirit” and special moments of your life. 

So please fill free to contact me and ask any questions.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. 


Rachel Givler